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Solder Tip Cleaners

What are Solder Tip Cleaners?

Solder Tip Cleaners are used to remove oxides and excess solder from soldering iron tips which help to maintain and prolong tip life.

Why choose EasyBraid Solder Tip Cleaners?

Make sure the tip of your soldering iron is clean and tinned. You want to remove any oxidation and add fresh solder to the tip which will help the iron conduct heat better.

Solder Tip Cleaner Options

The Solder Sponges are made of natural biodegradable wood pulp fibers and compressed cellulose. Use distilled water for wetting the sponge so that water impurities or minerals will not interfere with the soldering process. Do not over-soak the sponge or use a dry sponge as you can damage the soldering iron tip.

Our Solder Sponges are compatible with popular Hakko, Weller, Metcal, and Hexacon soldering stations; find your compatible sponge here.

The Brass Pad or Curls are made of a soft, coiled brass reduces potential contaminants to the tip.

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